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Our Workshops:

Cinema Literacy

Once a week, our members gather to watch a notable film and discuss it critically in order to gain a better understanding of its themes, techniques, and greater issues which it connects to in the industry. By having an intellectual discussion of these films, we enrich our own viewpoints by hearing one another’s perspectives.

Industry Education

During this workshop, our industry education chair prepares a presentation informing our members about current happenings in the industry, and we all discuss its implications. At this time, we are also able to hear from professionals in the industry in a question and answer setting.

Screenwriter's Circle

At Screenwriter’s Circle, our members are given the opportunity to bring scripts that they are working on, have them read, and receive feedback from other members. Over the course of semester, this is also the time in which our DKA production is developed, from pitch to final script.

Circle of Growth


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